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Gallery photo on a PzKpfw II, The Panzerkampfwagen II abbreviated PzKpfw II and with the designation Sd.Kfz.121 was a German tank during the second world war. Like its predecessor the PzKpfw I, it was designed as a vehicle's temporary permit to wait the arrival of the tanks PzKpfw III and Panzer IV. They were, in fact, intended to be used for training purposes to train the crews of the Panzerwaffe to the tactics of the future Blitzkrieg.

Mais le retard dans la mise au point et la production des Panzers II et IV obligea l’état major Allemand à les utiliser en grand nombre durant le début de la Seconde Guerre mondiale jusqu’à l’année 1941 où ils purent être progressivement remplacés. Le Panzer II remained was subsequently used as a reconnaissance vehicle and as a chassis for the Marder II and the Wespe.

Source: Panzer II on Wikipedia

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