Photos bataille de Wolchow - Volkhov 1942

Battle of Wolchow

Subject : Photos of the battle of Wolchow
Description :

The battle of Wolchow 288 photo album

The siege of Leningrad refers to the siege of the Russian city now known as Saint Petersburg by the Germans during World War II. The German operation was code-named Operation Nordlicht (Aurora Borealis). Despite colossal casualties (1 800 000 men, including more than a million civilians), the seat, with a duration of 872 days, which begins on 8 September 1941 ends January 27, 1944, the city will resist until his release in 1944, during the longest siege in modern history.

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Wait, Searching Volkhov 1942 for you…

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2 thoughts on “Battle of Wolchow - Volkhov 1942 photos

  1. Accidentally discovered and was amazed: photos of the Volkhov 1942
    I was doing, was in may or June of when attempting to breakthrough the Russians by a
    Granaitsplitter on the neck injured, could not talk a few months.
    To the main Federation Square we're ambulatory ca a good hour went. After medical
    Supply we were transported away by a railway, it went further on a ship


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