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Album av 41 bilder walk-rundt av en M115 203 mm howitzer

Photo gallery of a M115 203 mm howitzer, The M115 203 mm howitzer, also known as the M115 8 inch howitzer, was a towed howitzer used by the United States Army. Until the 1950s it was designated the 8 inch Howitzer M1. The original design started in 1919 but lapsed until resurrected in 1927 as a partner-piece for a new 155 mm gun. It was standardised as 8 inch Howitzer M1 in 1940. The M115/M1 was towed by the M35 Prime Mover gun tractor or a Mack 7⅓ ton 6×6 truck.

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Wait, Searching M115 203 mm howitzer photos for you…
Wait, Searching M115 203 mm howitzer for you…
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