RSO M 75 mm PAK

RSO M 75 mm PAK

TüüpCaterpillar Traktor
FotograafJaan Peters

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Pildigalerii a RSO M 75 mm PAK, Raupenschlepper Ost, literally “Caterpillar Tractor East”, is more commonly abbreviated to RSO. This fully tracked, lightweight vehicle was conceived in response to the poor performance of wheeled and half-tracked vehicles in the mud and snow during the Wehrmacht’s first autumn and winter on the Soviet Front. The RSO was a contemporary with somewhat similar Allied full-tracked small artillery tractors in use in other armies (such as the Soviet STZ-5 “Stalingradec”, and the U.S. Army’s own M4 Tractor), mostly originated from the pre-war light to medium series of Vickers artillery tractors. Two variants of this vehicle were built: the basic cargo carrier, and a self-propelled antitank vehicle armed with a PaK 40 gun. Both shared the same chassis.

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Infos RSO M 75 mm PAK
Kaal:2.5-3 t
Pikkus:4.425 m
Laius:1.99 m
Kõrgus:2.53 m
Meeskond:2 (kaasa arvatud Juhi assistent)
Toimeulatuses:300 km
Kiirus:30 km/h

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  • Voroshilov artillery prime mover
  • rsô MM
  • RSO/3
  • steyr traktor tipusok
  • thabki pao

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