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15 cm Nebelwerfer 41

Riik Saksamaa
Tüüp Mitu raketiheitja
In Service 1941–45
Ehitatud 5283+

The 15 cm Nebelwerfer 41 (15 cm NbW 41) was a German multiple rocket launcher used in the Second World War. It served with units of the Nebeltruppen, the German equivalent of the U.S. Army’s Chemical Corps. Just as the Chemical Corps had responsibility for poison gas and smoke weapons that were used instead to deliver high-explosives during the war, so did the Nebeltruppen. The name “Nebelwerfer” is best translated as “fog thrower” or “smoke thrower”.

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15 cm Nebelwerfer 41 WalkAround
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Nebelwerfer 41 15-cm
Fotograaf Randy Ray
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Nebelwerfer 41 15-cm Walk Around
Fotograaf Vladimir Yakubov
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