Mark V

GebenHeavy tank
FotoAzrael Raven
ProduktionErsten Weltkrieg

Album 13 Fotos walk-around von einer «Mark-V-Attrappe»

Foto-Galerie Mark V Mockup, The Mark V was a British heavy tank project from the First World War. After having made plans for the continued development of the Mark I into the Mark IV, the Tank Supply Committee (the institute planning and controlling British tank production) in December 1916 ordered the design of two new types: the Mark V and the Mark VI. The Mark V should embody the most advanced features that could still be incorporated into the Mark I hull. The Mark VI should abandon the old hull entirely, reflecting only some general principles of the older tank.

Quelle: Wikipedia

Warten Sie, Suche Mark V Fotos für Sie...
Warten Sie, Suche Mark V für Sie...

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