Sd.Kfz.3 Maultier Ambulance - DML 6766

Dragon Model

Ref 6766
Geben1/35 WWII Military

Sd.Kfz.3 Maultier Ambulance

Ein Modell der Marke Dragon Modell das kit : Sd.Kfz.3 Maultier Ambulance – DML-6766

Brand new Maultier Ambulance rendered w/fine detail / Spare wheel mounted on cab roof-rack Side doors and rear doors can be assembled open/closed / Footstep for side door can be assembled up/down Rear access steps can be assembled stowed up/positioned down / Ventilator can be optionally assembled Two types of blinds provided / Stretcher racks provided Stretchers can be fabricated in various configurations / Realistic storage cabinet in interior Detailed seats included / Toolbox included Stretcher produced w/crisp detail / Realistic engine hood formed from multiple parts w/louver detail Detailed radiator cover w/filler cap / Accurately shaped front fenders Side-molded engine hood frame / Two options for door handles can be assembled Detailed dashboard and cab interior / Intricate driver’s seat w/realistic cloth pattern Fully detailed chassis / Delicate engine represented Intricate fuel tank mounted on chassis / Sprockets and idler wheels rendered w/accurate detail Realistic road wheels assembled from separate parts / Realistic engine hood covers can be assembled open/closed Cab doors can be assembled open/closed / Includes clear lenses for headlamps and spotlights Delicate wheels w/authentic tire tread pattern / Finely detailed vehicle tools Highly detailed Magic Tracks reproduced / Newly produced optional idler wheels

Der 7.1-tonne Maultier, eingeführt, die ab 1942 war weitgehend erfolgreich, obwohl es war nicht ganz so Mobil wie Zweck-gebaut halftracks. Eine interessante Variante war ein Maultier Ambulance, die verwendet werden könnte für battlefield Evakuierung. Dragon ist stolz darauf, der erste Hersteller, der ein Kunststoff-kit von diesem einzigartigen Fahrzeug!

Quelle: Dragon

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