Décalcomanies US M4A3E8 'Easy Eight' in Germany 1945 - BISON BD-35137

Bison Decals

Ref BD-35137
Type Decals
Scale 1/35

A set of decals of the mark Bison Decals the decals “US M4A3E8 ‘Easy Eight’ in Germany 1945” .

This tank finds its origins in the law Lend-Lease (lend-lease) which allows the English and the russians to benefit from large amounts of u.s. equipment.
The English, who received a large quantity of Sherman M4 saw quickly that this char supported the comparison with the Panzer IV in terms of shielding, but not in terms of fire power. This problem is amplified even against tanks Panzerkampfwagen V Panther and Panzer VI Tiger.
In addition the British enjoyed since 1942, an anti-tank gun performance, the Ordnance QF 17 pounder. It therefore decided to mount this cannon on the chassis of a Sherman Firefly (firefly) was born.

Source: Sherman Firefly on Wikipedia

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Décalcomanies US M4A3E8 'Easy Eight' in Germany 1945 - BISON BD-35137
Decals US M4A3E8 ‘Easy Eight’ in Germany 1945 – BISON BD-35137
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