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Wydawnictwo Militaria 055


Fiat CR 42

A documentation signed Wydawnictwo Militaria the review "Fiat CR 42 – Wydawnictwo Militaria 055" .

Le Fiat CR.42 Falco est un avion de chasse de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. C’est le dernier biplan de ce type à être mis en service. Le Fiat CR.42 is one of the last and certainly the most successful combat airplane, biplane. Designed by engineer Celestino Rosatelli on the success of the famous Fiat CR.32 which dominated outright the heavens spaniards during the civil war. Its first flight took place on may 23, 1938, while the era of biplanes was going to disappear. Built with a structure entirely made of metal, the cockpit was open. The Falco was recognized the best due to its qualities and its workability, and its series production was decided although Fiat Avio had already started the manufacturing of aircraft fighter monoplane Fiat G. 50 and Macchi the Macchi M. C. 200, which used the same engine.

Source: Fiat CR 42 sur Wikipedia

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Wydawnictwo Militaria 055 - Fiat CR 42
Fiat CR 42 – wydawnictwo Militaria 055
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