IV збірна Mobelwagen - Тамія 32573


Реф 32573
ТипМасштабна модель

Flakpanzer IV Mobelwagen

Моделі бренду Тамія комплект: Flakpanzer IV Mobelwagen – Tamiya 32573 .

-1/35 scale plastic assembly model kit. -Armor plates may be assembled in one of three positions: raised, anti-aircraft firing position, and fully lowered. -Assembly-type tracks feature one-piece straight sections. -Weights included for installation inside the hull, which gives the model greater heft. -Comes with a standing crew figure.

Джерело: Flakpanzer IV Mobelwagen on Tamiya

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IV збірна Mobelwagen - Тамія 32573
IV збірна Mobelwagen – Тамія 32573
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