Тип4×4 utility truck
Номер побудований359489(MB) + 277896(GPW)

У 201 Вілліс МБ (commonly known as a Jeep or jeep, formally as the U.S. Army Truck, 1/4 ton, 4×4) and the Ford GPW are four-wheel drive utility vehicles that were manufactured during World War II. Produced from 1941 to 1945, it evolved post-war into the civilian Jeep CJ, and inspired both an entire category of recreational 4WDs and several generations of military light utility vehicles.

У 201 Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) was a reconnaissance and raiding unit of the British Army during the Second World War.

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LRDG Jeep Walk Around
ФотографВолодимир Якубов
ЛокалізацієюДельта табору MVCC
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МістерКрафт - Д-290
1/4 тонна вантажівка
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The Jeep LRDG was a modified version of the Willys MB Jeep used by the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) during World War II. The LRDG was a British special forces unit that operated behind enemy lines in the North African desert, conducting reconnaissance, sabotage and raids. The Jeep LRDG was adapted to suit the harsh conditions and the specific needs of the LRDG. Some of the modifications included: – A larger fuel tank and extra jerry cans to increase the range and endurance of the vehicle. – A sand channel and a spade to help extricate the vehicle from soft sand or mud. – A sun compass and a clinometer to aid navigation in the featureless terrain. – A Vickers K machine gun or a Lewis gun mounted on a pedestal in the rear for defense and fire support. – A camouflage net and a canvas cover to conceal the vehicle from aerial observation. – A wireless set and a generator to communicate with other LRDG patrols and headquarters. The Jeep LRDG proved to be a reliable and versatile vehicle that enabled the LRDG to carry out their missions with speed and stealth. The Jeep LRDG was also used by other allied units such as the Special Air Service (SAS) and the Free French Forces. The Jeep LRDG is considered to be one of the most iconic vehicles of World War II and a symbol of the LRDG’s daring exploits.

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