Sd.Kfz.181 Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.E - Otto Carius - Cyber-Hobby 6763

Кібер Хобі

Посилання 6763

СД.Кфз.181 ЗВ.Дуже корисне вміння.ВІ Вермахту.Е, Отто Каріус, Тигри я в середині, бій Малинівка

Одна модель марки Кібер Хобі ла-макет : «СД.Кфз.181 ЗВ.Дуже корисне вміння.ВІ Вермахту.Е, Отто Каріус, Тигри я в середині, бій Малинівка».

Характеристика: Screw holes in gun sleeve Old-style flat mantlet specific to Otto Carius’ Tiger 2 damaged wheels and 2 spare tires to model typical combat damage One-piece “early” DS track as used on Otto Carius’ tank Omitted outermost wheels reveal accurate hubs with photo-etched detail Zimmerit molded on rear of hull plus turret Accurate details on the turret edge Delicately detailed cupola ring included Cupola has internal head-pad ring Clear parts for individual periscopes in cupola Separate commander’s hatch swivel arm
Barrel features recoil action Driver’s and radio operator’s hatches w/interior details Slide-molded muzzle brake Realistic ventilator w/optional cover Cupola ring delicately produced w/weld seams Spare track links can be hung on turret sides Working escape hatch can be assembled open/closed Driver’s vision port is movable upward/downward Headlight can be omitted Finely detailed travel lock can be built in 3 configurations Exhaust shields rendered w/details Detailed multi-part jack Idler arms w/full details Finely detailed U-shaped tow hooks Photo-etched mesh screen for engine deck Slide-molded tow cable heads and delicate metal tow cables Intricate road wheels and road wheels hubs Detailed sprocket and idler wheels included Upgraded details on hull bottom delicately produced to look realistic

Джерело: Тигр Отто Кариуса на Cybber-хобі

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Sd.Kfz.181 Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.E - Otto Carius - Cyber-Hobby 6763
СД.Кфз.181 ЗВ.Дуже корисне вміння.ВІ Вермахту.Е – Отто Каріус – Кібер Хобі 6763
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