МЦ.200 Saetta 2а серија - ITALERI 2711


Реф 2711
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ВОДЕЋИ.200 Saetta 2А serie

Модел бренда ITALERI комплет MC.200 Saetta 2a serie – ITALERI 2711.

The Macchi MC 200 was the most common Italian fighter used by the Italian Regia Aeronautica during World War II. More than 1,150 MC 200, in various versions, had been produced by Macchi during the War. It has been used on all main fronts, from the Mediterranean area to Russia. Based on the same Fiat G-50 all-metal construction technology, with it shared the two row 14 cylinder air cooled radial engine A-74 RC 38, the “Saetta” was preferred by pilots for its maneuverability and sturdiness.

The engine, incorporated into the characteristic bulged cover, combined with the three-bladed propeller, could provide 840 HP. However, compared to the Allied more modern fighters, Mc 200 was underpowered and under armed. These two weaknesses were solved with the next generation of fighters such as the Macchi MC 202 and MC 205.

Извор: ВОДЕЋИ.200 Saetta 2а by Italeri

МЦ.200 Saetta 2а серија - ITALERI 2711
МЦ.200 Saetta 2а серија – ITALERI 2711
Italeri 2711 - MC.200 Saetta 2a
МЦ.200 Saetta 2а серија – ITALERI 2711
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