Немачки Ягдпантера - снаге храброст 80058

Снаге храброст

Реф 80058

German Jagdpanther – Normandy, 1944

A news 2012 of the brand Снаге храброст the kit : Немачки Ягдпантера – снаге храброст 80058.

-Constructed of both die cast metal and plastic. -Chassis and turret are metal. -Elevating barrels. -Tracks Roll. -Working treads. -Accurate markings and insignia. -Comes with a commander figure. -New packaging for 2012 no ties or screws, double blister construction.

Извор: German Jagdpanther on Forces of Valor

Wait, Searching Forces of Valor 80058 for you…
Немачки Ягдпантера - снаге храброст 80058
Немачки Ягдпантера – снаге храброст 80058
Wait, Searching German Jagdpanther for you…

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