Пз.БЭФ.Рг.ИИИ Аусф.Ј w/Schurzen - DML 6570

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Реф 6570
Тип1/35 војне Другог светског рата

Запретные зоне.Bef.РГ.ИИИ Аусф.Ј

Модел бренда Модели Змаја the kit : Пз.БЭФ.Рг.ИИИ Аусф.Ј w/Schurzen – DML 6570

Dragon’s new 1/35 scale kit of the Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.J depicts a command tank fitted with a 5cm L/42 main armament. Whereas earlier Panzer III command tanks were fitted with dummy cannons, the Ausf.J retained its main cannon. This kit allows modelers to fill a gap in the Panzer III family tree, and it is produced to the very best engineering levels. Indeed, this is Dragon’s first Panzerbefehlswagen III built to the latest standards. While it does wisely utilize parts from recent Panzer III kits, it also features entirely unique components such as a rear-mounted star antenna and frontal armor without a bow MG fitted. Furthermore, true-to-scale Schurzen armor plates are installed on the hull sides. All in all, this kit forms an interesting and different Panzer III kit for modelers’ collections and dioramas.

Извор: Модели Змаја

Пз.БЭФ.Рг.ИИИ Аусф.Ј w/Schurzen - DML 6570
Пз.БЭФ.Рг.ИИИ Аусф.Ј w/Schurzen – DML 6570
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