Хоукер Харрикейн Мкі - A02082A батаљону



Хоукер Харрикейн Мкі

Комплет од бренд Airfix комплет : Хоукер Харрикейн Мкі – A02082A батаљону.

A total of 1,715 Урагана flew with Fighter Command during the period of the Battle of Britain, far in excess of all other British fighters combined. The Hurricane was a robust, manoeuvrable aircraft capable of sustaining fearsome combat damage before write-off; and unlike the Spitfire, it was a wholly operational, go-anywhere do-anything fighter by July 1940.

It is estimated that its pilots were credited with four-fifths of all enemy aircraft destroyed in the period July-October 1940.

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Хоукер Харрикейн Мкі - A02082A батаљону
Хоукер Харрикейн Мкі – A02082A батаљону
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