25-pounder Področju Pištolo 1939-72 - NOVO VANGUARD 48

Osprey Založništvo

SerijaNovo Vanguard
AuteurChris Henry
IllustrateurMike Fuller

Knjigo vpisani Osprey Založništvo le livre «The 25-pounder Field Gun 1939–72 – NEW VANGUARD 48» .

Of all the British guns in use during the Second World War, the 25 pounder is the gun that best represents Britain’s armed forces. It was adaptable, it packed a powerful punch, and above all it was reliable. This book provides a full combat history of a gun that was used in every theatre of the Second World War and saw extensive service in the postwar years, particularly in Korea and during the Malaysian emergency. The last 25-pounder gun to see action in the British Army was one used by SAS troops at Mirbat, Oman, in 1972.

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25-pounder Področju Pištolo 1939-72 - NOVO VANGUARD 48
25-pounder Področju Pištolo 1939-72 – NOVO VANGUARD 48
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