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Fotogaléria Taurus ARV , The Leopard is a main battle tank designed and produced in West Germany that first entered service in 1965. Developed in an era when HEAT warheads were thought to make conventional heavy armour of limited value, the Leopard focused on firepower in the form of the German-built version of the British L7 105-mm gun, and improved cross-country performance that was unmatched by other designs of the era. Modified and derivative vehicles : Simultaneous to the production of the battle tanks, a number of engineering, bridging and recovery vehicles were developed. The Canadian Land Forces operate the Beaver bridgelayer, Taurus ARV, and Badger AEV, all based on the Leopard 1.

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The Taurus ARV (Armoured Recovery Vehicle) is a vehicle based on the Leopard 1 main battle tank chassis, designed to provide support and recovery for other armoured vehicles in the field. The Taurus ARV can tow, lift, winch and repair disabled or damaged vehicles, as well as carry spare parts, fuel and ammunition. The Taurus ARV has a crew of three or four, and is armed with a 7.62 mm machine gun for self-defense.
The Taurus ARV was developed by Krauss-Maffei in West Germany and entered service with the German Army in 1975. It was also exported to several countries, including Canada, where it was used in Afghanistan by the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) regiment. The Taurus ARV has a powerful winch that can pull up to 100 tonnes with a 3:1 mechanical advantage, and a crane that can lift up to 20 tonnes. The Taurus ARV can also operate as a bulldozer and refuel other vehicles. The Taurus ARV is powered by a 10-cylinder diesel engine that gives it a top speed of 65 km/h and a range of 600 km.

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