Rommel's Half Track - Airfix A06360


Obj. kódA06360
DruhModel Auta

Neporiadok’s Polovicu Trate

Model značky Airfix súpravy : Rommel’s Half Track – Airfix A06360.

General Rommel was often known to be in the field watching the situation on the battlefield whilst protected in his standard Sd.Kfz 250/3 Semi-Tracked Reconnaissance Car. Rommel named this car “Greif” (meaning “Strike”). This kit comes with a model figure of the General, his driver and his observer.

Zdroj: Neporiadok’s Polovicu Trate na Airfix

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Rommel's Half Track - Airfix A06360
Rommel je Polovica Trate – Airfix A06360
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