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Самоходная гаубица 2С19 МСТА-С


Самоходная гаубица

Teh 152 мм self-propelled howitzer 2C19 is a modern combat tracked vehicle with powerful armament, NB protection, high mobility and it conforms to all modern artillery requirements. The 2C19 can fire against observed targets from indirect position and by direct laying including mountain conditions and contaminated environment (elevation up to +50° C in the mountains). The 2C19 fires both the on-board rounds and the rounds from the ground with a high firing rate. The rounds used in the howitzer make provision for all the artillery tasks. The howitzer armouring provides a protection against armour-piercing bullets and projectile fragments to crew, armament, equipment, mechanisms; onboard rounds.

Self-propelled howitzer 2C19 MSTA-S
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