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BM-8 48

ТипРакетница "Катюша"

Альбом 41 фотографии прогулка вокруг BM-8 48 Katyusha

Photo gallery of a BM-8 48 Katyusha, Катюша multiple rocket launchers are a type of rocket artillery first built and fielded by the Soviet Union in World War II. Multiple rocket launchers such as these deliver a devastating amount of explosives to a target area more quickly than conventional artillery, but with lower accuracy and requiring a longer time to reload. They are fragile compared to artillery guns, but are inexpensive and easy to produce. Katyushas of World War II, the first self-propelled artillery mass-produced by the Soviet Union, were usually mounted on trucks. This mobility gave the Katyusha (and other self-propelled artillery) another advantage: being able to deliver a large blow all at once, and then move before being located and attacked with counter-battery fire.

g>Version BM-8 48: calibre:82 mm, rockets:48, Truck:ZiS-6,Studebaker US6 U3, Other:rail carriage

Источник: Википедия

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