IJA KUGISHO D4Y2-S JUDY - Тонкие формы FB5

Тонкие формы



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Модель бренда Тонкие формы комплект IJA KUGISHO D4Y2-S JUDY – Fine Molds FB5

Comet bomber aboard a warship has been developed as the successor of explosion ninety-nine ship has been diverted to the night fighter and leverage the high-speed performance, mobility and a sturdy airframe structure unique to the ship explosion. Mounted on the rear windshield obliquely upward in a 20mm machine gun and the main purpose of the interception of bombers at night. It is said to have been modified type 100 machine is more than twelve months Seishiki in 1944, it was struggling until the end of the war to intercept B-29.

IJA KUGISHO D4Y2-S JUDY - Тонкие формы FB5
IJA KUGISHO D4Y2-S JUDY - Прекрасные формы FB5
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