Т-34/85 Мод.1944 - Кибер-Хобби 9146


Ref 9146
ТипКомплект моделей

Т-34/85 Мод.1944

Модель бренда Кибер-хобби комплект : T-34/85 Mod.1944 – Cyber-Hobby 9146.

– Bonus Soviet Infantry Tank Riders Set Dragon’s popular 1/35 scale kit of the T-34/85 Mod.1944 is joined, in Orange Box’s inimitable way, with a set of identically scaled Soviet Infantry Tank Riders. The tank and infantrymen are a perfect match, as photos and wartime footage commonly show Soviet soldiers riding into battle in this way. This Orange Box set allows modelers to recreate such a dramatic scene without a single other item needing to be bought or added. The figures are expertly posed grasping an array of weaponry as they ride towards the frontline. Usually a Dragon figure set contains four soldiers, but this set actually has six, making it even more useful. What you have here are all the ingredients to create a compelling Eastern Front diorama…at an unbeatable Orange Box price!

Источник: Сиббер-Хобби

Т-34/85 Мод.1944 - Кибер-Хобби 9146
Т-34/85 Мод.1944 - Кибер-Хобби 9146
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