Gannet AS.4

Gannet AS.4

PaísReino unido
TipoAeronaves porta-aviões
FotógrafoKarl-Heinz Feller

Álbum de 45 fotos walk-around de um «Gannet AS.4»

Galeria de fotos de um Gannet AS.4, The Fairey Gannet was a British carrier-borne aircraft of the post-Second World War era developed for the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm (FAA) by the Fairey Aviation Company. It was a mid-wing monoplane with a tricycle undercarriage and a crew of three, and a double turboprop engine driving two contra-rotating propellers.

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The Fairey Gannet AS.4 was a carrier-based anti-submarine warfare aircraft developed by the British Fairey Aviation Company in the late 1940s. It was powered by a double turboprop engine that drove two contra-rotating propellers, giving it excellent low-speed performance and a long endurance. The Gannet AS.4 had a crew of three and carried a radar in a retractable radome under the fuselage, as well as various weapons such as torpedoes, depth charges, and rockets in an internal bay and underwing pylons. The Gannet AS.4 entered service with the Royal Navy in 1956 and was also exported to Australia, Germany, and Indonesia. It was used for anti-submarine patrols, reconnaissance, and strike missions until the early 1960s, when it was replaced by helicopters and jet aircraft.

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