Lliouchine DB-3 - Walk Around

Ilyushin DB-3

CountrySoviet Union
RoleBomber / torpedo-bomber
First flySummer 1935

The Ilyushin DB-3, where “DB” stands for Dalniy Bombardirovschik (Russian: Дальний бомбардировщик) meaning “long-range bomber”, was a Soviet bomber aircraft of World War II. It was a twin-engined, low-wing monoplane that first flew in 1935. It was the precursor of the Ilyushin Il-4 (originally designated DB-3F). 1,528 were built.

Source: Ilyushin DB-3 on Wikipedia

Ilyushin DB-3
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DB-3 Walk Around
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Ilyushin DB-3 – Walk Around from r/NetMaquettes

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