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During the month of January 1942, the office of studies A. A. Astrov, designed this new char to take the place of the T-60, that its fire power and its low shielding limited to the roles of recognition and coverage. The char T-70 took the gun of 45 mm designed for the T-50, its armor increased, but it could still be produced by factories from the automotive industry. The chassis was lengthened, which made necessary the addition of a new wheel drive on the undercarriage and the engine was provided by an accumulation of tandem of two engines GAZ-202 70 Hp, placed in the right side of the box, the driver's cockpit and the turret occupant the left. The T-70 was a powerful tank and easy to produce. However, the principal defect of the light tanks the soviets persisted, the turret was a single-seater and the head of the char, overloaded with tasks, struggled to effectively serve the armenent main. The production was launched alongside the T-60, to the factories n°37 and 38 of Gorki and soon it supplanted the latter.

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