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The tanks series Josef Stalin (IS-1 IS-2 IS-3) soviet has its origins in the development of the prototype KV-13, which was to combine the protection of a heavy tank with the mobility of a medium tank. This program had given rise to a char from 31.7 tonnes, armed with a gun of 76.2 mm, which is characterized mainly by a widespread use of elements cast for the fund, and the turret. It combined the engine and the suspension of the tanks KV with the caterpillars of the Tank T-34, the fund was shielded to 120 mm and the turret with 85 mm, but the 600-horsepower engine enabled it to reach 55 km/h. However, it had many imperfections and faults of youth, an acceleration insufficient, which was resolved in July by adopting the box drawn for the KV-1s, and frequent derailments caterpillars, which were resolved by the use of a new model appeared on the two new copies produced in December, which brought many other improvements, including turrets, redesigned.

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