Mathilde Infanterie Tank 1938-45 - NIEUWE VANGUARD 08

Osprey Publishing

SerieNieuwe Vanguard
AuteurDavid Fletcher
IllustratorPeter Sarson

Een boek ondertekend door Osprey Publishing the «Matilda Infantry Tank 1938–45 – NEW VANGUARD 08» .

De Mathilde was the principal British infantry tank in the early years of World War II. It served with the BEF in France and later in North Africa, where it earned the title ‘Queen of the Desert’. Outclassed by increasingly powerful German anti-tank weapons, it still remained a power in the South-East Pacific, and was kept in service until the end of the war by Australian forces. In this title, David Fletcher deals with Marks I to V. Development and operational history are discussed, along with service in other countries, including Germany and Russia. Numerous variants are also covered, including the prototype ‘Hedgehog’ bunker-busting weapon.

Bron: Mathilde Infanterie Tank sur Osprey Publishing

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Mathilde Infanterie Tank 1938-45 - NIEUWE VANGUARD 08
Mathilde Infanterie Tank 1938-45 – NIEUWE VANGUARD 08
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