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브랜드에서 키트 DRAGON Models the "Ersatz M10 – Smart Kit with 751 parts (533 in grey styrene, 170 “Magic Track” links, 14 clear styrene, 47 etched brass)".

Dragon has produced an amazing 1/35 scale kit of these Ersatz M10 vehicles. This is the first time this unique tank has been created in plastic in this scale. The kit is logically based on Dragon’s Panther Ausf.G Smart Kit, but the original Panther incorporates a host of new items to suit this Ersatz M10. The turret is brand new, and all the sheet metal plates are included in plastic to a true-to-scale thickness. Dragon has produced various items stemming from the Battle of the Bulge – Kingtiger, Fallschirmjager figures, Volksgrenadier figures and U.S. Airborne figures – but this is the ultimate Ardennes accessory! This kit possesses all the convenience of a Smart Kit, but has a distinctive and jaw-dropping appearance. This long-awaited item is an icon of the Battle of Bulge, and will surely produce an authentic Ardennes diorama!

: Dragon Models

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Ersatz M10 - Smart Kit - DRAGON 6561
Ersatz M10 – Smart Kit – DRAGON 6561
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