IJA型95軽戦車HA-GO北満州 - ファインモールドFM18



IJA Type 95 Light Tank HA-GO North Manchuria

ブランドのモデル ファインモールド the kit IJA Type 95 Light Tank HA-GO North Manchuria – Fine Molds FM18

Record the number of the largest production in the Japanese tank, was become the center of forces fighting the Japanese Army Tank, Light Tank ninety-five formula is [(c) issue]. There the army was advancing to the early Showa era of mechanized forces, has been developed as a “tank” Mobile with an emphasis on mobility. Equipped with a tank gun, air-cooled diesel engine with 120 horsepower. Reliability, durability has been active in every theater from 1935 until the end of the war high. ■ What type (Yes, I Do or e) is North Manchuria North Manchuria type, which is one of the remodeling type of light tank ninety-five formula [(c) issue] will be traveling across the field kaoliang in sorghum (approximately northeastern China ※) Manchuria When, for the wheel is stuck in the ridge of the field rotation, the type equipped with wheels auxiliary compact between the cross-wheels at the bottom, each unit was deployed to Manchuria mainly of use, submitted to the case Nomonhan The fire and sprinkled with Soviet troops are.

IJA型95軽戦車HA-GO北満州 - ファインモールドFM18
IJAタイプ95軽戦車HA-GO北満州 – ファインモールドFM18
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