PUMA 4×4 AFV - Trombettista 05525


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Un modello del marchio Trumpeter il kit: Italian PUMA 4×4 AFV – Trumpeter 05525.

Features : The kit consists of over 410 parts -multi-slide moulded upper hull -the kit w/refined detail -Rubber tyres w/fine detail -Included Photo-etched parts

The Puma Armoured Fighting Vehicles are a family of light wheeled armoured vehicles developed in a 4×4 and 6×6 configuration by the Consorzio Iveco Fiat – Oto Melara based in Rome. The Puma were developed for the Italian Army to complement the fleet of Centauro Tank Destroyer. Iveco Fiat were awarded a contract by the Italian Army for the development of Puma platforms carrying missiles, a mortar carrier, an ambulance and a command post vehicle. At the end of 1999, the Italian Army ordered 580 Puma vehicles, 250 of the 6×6 configuration, and 330 4×4 vehicles. First vehicles were completed in mid-2003. The Puma was first deployed operationally in Southern Iraq in early 2005.

Fonte: Italian PUMA 4×4 AFV on Trumpeter

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PUMA 4×4 AFV - Trombettista 05525 PUMA 4×4 AFV - Trombettista 05525
PUMA 4×4 AFV - Trombettista 05525 PUMA 4×4 AFV - Trombettista 05525
PUMA 4×4 AFV - Trombettista 05525
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