Sd.Kfz.164 Nashorn Komento - DRAGON 6646

Dragon Models

Ref: 6646

Type: Maquette

Scale: 1/35

Kit alkaen DRAGON Malleja the "Sd.Kfz.164 Nashorn Command version".

Ominaisuudet: Newly tooled antenna for Command version Newly tooled radio set for Command version Newly tooled rack for ammo boxes included as option Scale-thickneess fighting compartment armor has extra-thin top edge Fighting compartment w/accurate interior detail Side ventilation louvers made as fine as possible Slats positioned at correct angle Fighting compartment armor w/accurate detail on both sides Newly tooled antenna and antenna mount as option Movable gun breech accurately reproduced in multiple parts Gun can recoil, w/superb bolt detail on the cradle Additional armor w/authentic bolt detail Glacis plate finely produced w/weld seams Hatches and periscope cover can be assembled open/closed Fighting compartment periscopes w/clear parts Warm-air vent is slide-molded Two ammo bins w/ammo included Movable brackets can be positioned up/down Sprocket included w/bolt detail Lower hull made by 2-directional slide-molds Road wheels and return rollers w/realistic detail Travel lock w/crisp details Travel lock mechanism realistically represented Two spare-track brackets included for different assembly Finely detailed Magic Tracks Accurate spare-wheel configuration on rear plate Fighting compartment rear door can be assembled open/close

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Sd.Kfz.164 Nashorn Komento - DRAGON 6646
Sd.Kfz.164 Nashorn Komento – DRAGON 6646
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  • ドラゴン ナースホルン 製作
  • nashorn sd kfz 164
  • dragon 6646
  • ドラゴンモデル nashorn
  • ドラゴン6166製作
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  • dragon 1/35 nashorn
  • DR 6646 Nashorn
  • 1/35ナースホルン製作

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