Бойова Інженерна Машина M728

Бойова Інженерна Машина M728

Країна США
Тип Бойова Інженерна Машина
Фотограф Грег Сміт

Альбом 78 фотографії прогулянку навколо «Бойова Інженерна машина M728»

Photo gallery of a M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle,
В Бойова Інженерна машина M728 is a military engineering vehicle based on an M60A1 Patton main battle tank chassis with a hydraulically operated dozer blade mounted on the front, thus effectively functioning as an armored bulldozer, plus an A-frame crane boom hinged on either side of the turret and a winch.

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Wait, Searching M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle photos for you…
Wait, Searching M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle for you…

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