Компанија dassault Etendard ИВ М

Компанија dassault Etendard ИВ М

Земља Француска
Тип Борац
Увод 1962
На пензије 1991

Фото галерија Компанија dassault Etendard ИВ М,
The Dassault Étendard IV was a subsonic carrier-borne strike fighter aircraft, which entered service with the French Navy in 1962. It served as the basis for the more advanced Dassault-Breguet Super Étendard. During the 1970s, it had been intended to replace the Étendard IV with a navalised version of the SEPECAT Jaguar, designated as the Jaguar M, however development of the Jaguar M was cancelled and shortly replaced by the Super Étendard. The Étendard IV was progressively withdrawn during the 1980s and finally retired from service with its sole operator in 1991.
Étendard ИВМ :
Single-seat Maritime strike fighter aircraft for the French Navy.

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Dassault Etendard IV.M Walk Around
Фотограф Владимир Якубов
Локација Музеј-носач авиона неустрашив
Слике 61
Wait, Searching Dassault Etendard IV M for you…

Тежина 8,17t
Дужина 14,40m
Ширина 9,60m
Висина 3,79m
Посада 1
Максимална брзина 1,099 km/h
Опсег 3,300 km
Плафон 15,500 m
Dassault Etendard IV.M Walk Around
Фотограф Мейндерт де Vreeze
Локација Непозната
Слике 45

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