Sdkfz 179 Bergepanther

Sdkfz 179 Bergepanther

DruhObrnené obnovy vozidiel
FotografieVladimír Yakubov
VyhľadaťMusée des Blindes, Saumur
PopisAlbum 112 fotografie prechádzka okolo "Sdkfz 179 Bergepanther"

Fotogaléria z Sdkfz 179 Bergepanther, An armoured recovery vehicle (ARV) is an armoured vehicle used during combat for recovery or repair of battle-damaged and inoperable armoured fighting vehicles. The term “Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle” (ARRV) is also used. Bergepanther (SdKfz 179) – PzKpfw V Panther chassis 347 produced (1943 to 1945).

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