Piranha 10 x 10

Piranha 10×10

DruhObrnené bojové vozidlo
FotografieGunther Neumahr

Album 40 fotografie z nádrže Piranha 10×10

The MOWAG Piranha is a family of armoured fighting vehicles designed by the Swiss company MOWAG (since April 2010 the name has changed to General Dynamics European Land Systems – Mowag GmbH). Five generations of vehicles have been produced, manufactured by Mowag or under licence by other companies, and variants are in service with military forces throughout the world. Piranhas are available in 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, and 10×10 wheel versions. There are several variants within these versions, giving different degrees of armour protection and several kinds of turret, for use in a variety of roles. Piranha derivatives have been assigned roles as troop transports, command vehicles, fire support vehicles, tank trainers, and police vehicles.

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Počkajte, Hľadanie Piranha 10×10 fotografií pre vás...
Počkajte, Hľadanie Piranha 10×10 pre vás...

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