MBT-70 Expérimentale

MBT-70 Expérimentale

TypeChar de combat principal
PhotographeDavid Lueck
EmplacementAllemand Musée De L'Armée De Munster

Album de 136 des photos d'une MBT-70 Expérimentale

Photo galerie d'un MBT-70 Expérimentale, The MBT-70 (German: KPz 70) was a 1960s German-U.S. joint project to develop a new main battle tank, which was to be equipped with a number of advanced features. It utilized a newly developed hydropneumatic « a genoux » suspension and housed the entire crew in the large turret. The MBT-70 was armed with a 152mm XM150 gun/launcher, which could use conventional ammunition and the Shillelagh missile for long range combat. By 1969 the project was well over budget and Germany withdrew from the effort, developing a new main battle tank on their own instead (the Leopard 2). In the US the development continued for a short time, until in 1971 when Congress cancelled the program. The MBT-70 is the failed predecessor of the Leopard 2 and the M1 Abrams, the current main battle tanks of both countries.

Source: Wikipedia

Attendez, la Recherche MBT-70 photos pour vous...
Attendez, la Recherche MBT-70 pour vous...
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