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The TACAM R-2 (Tun Anticar pe Afet Mobil – Self-propelled Anti-tank Gun) was a Romanian tank destroyer used during World War II. It was built by removing the turret of the R-2 light tank and building a pedestal to mount an ex-Soviet 76.2 mm (3.00 in) ZiS-3 field gun in its place. A three-sided fighting compartment was built to protect the gun and its crew. Twenty were built in 1944, but only one is known to exist today. It participated in the Budapest Offensive and the Prague Offensive.

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In service : 1944—45
Used by : Romania
Wars : World War II
Tuotannon historia
Designer : Leonida
Designed : 1943
Manufacturer : Atelierele Leonida
Produced : 1944
Number built : 20+1 prototype
Tekniset tiedot
Weight : 12t
Length : 5m
Width : 2.064m
Height : 2.32m
Crew : 3
Armor : 10–25mm
Main armament :
-1 x 76.2 mm ZIS-3
Secondary armament :
-1 x 7.92 mm ZB-53 machine gun
Operational range : 130–160km
Speed : 25–30km/h

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