Opel Blitz Omnibus W39 - Hilja WWII teenus - Roden 726


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Opel Blitz Omnibus W39 (Late WWII service)

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Opel Blitz 3.6-47 type W39 Ludewig – German staff bus of the WWII period, designed on the chassis of the well-known Opel Blitz three ton truck. Series production lasted from 1939 until 1943, at the Ludewig plant in the German city of Essen. Almost three thousand units of this type were produced during this time, which were employed at every front of the war, as a conveyance for officers and an ambulance, as well as a staff transport, a telephone exchange, a radio station, and more.

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Opel Blitz Omnibus W39 - Hilja WWII teenus - Roden 726
Opel Blitz Omnibus W39 – Hilja WWII teenuse Roden 726
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