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Photo gallery of a M578 Light Recovery Vehicle, M578 Light Recovery Vehicle (G309) was an American Cold War-era armored recovery vehicle. The M578 utilized the same chassis as M107 self-propelled gun and M110 self-propelled howitzer. The M578 provided maintenance support to mechanized infantry and artillery units. Its primary mission was to recover damaged light armored vehicles from the battlefield using its crane boom.

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Ιστορικό των σέρβις Used by : Israel, USA, UK Wars : Vietnam war Παραγωγή ιστορία Manufacturer : -FMC Corp. -Bowen-McLaughlin-York Produced : 1962
Προδιαγραφές Weight : 24,000kg Length : 5.583m Width : 3.15m Height : 2.629m Crew : 3 men: Crane operator in cab right front Rigger in cab left front Driver in hull left front

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