Douglas WB-66 Destroyer

Douglas WB-66 Destroyer

ΤύποςΕλαφρύ βομβαρδιστικό
ΦωτογραφίαVladimir Yakubov
ΕντοπίστεPima Air Museum, Tuscon
ΠεριγραφήΆλμπουμ 167 φωτογραφίες με τα πόδια-γύρω από μια "Ντάγκλας WB-66 Αντιτορπιλικό"

Συλλογή φωτογραφιών της Douglas WB-66 Destroyer, The Douglas B-66 Destroyer was a U.S. Air Force Tactical Air Command light bomber based on the United States Navy’s A-3 Skywarrior carrier-based heavy attack aircraft. It was intended to replace the Douglas A-26 Invader. An RB-66 photo-reconnaissance version was ordered simultaneously. The USAF B-66 retained the three-man crew from the US Navy A-3, but incorporated ejection seats that the US Navy variant lacked. WB-66D: Electronic weather reconnaissance variant with the crew compartment modified for two observers, 36 built with two later modified to X-21A.

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Wait, SearchingDouglas WB-66 Destroyer photos for you…
Wait, Searching Douglas WB-66 Destroyer for you…

ΡόλοΕλαφρύ βομβαρδιστικό
ΚατασκευαστήςDouglas Aircraft Company
Πρώτη πτήση28 June 1954
Αριθμός χτισμένο294
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