Sgt. Jim Akers

Vietnam Mekong Delta Scrapbook: 3rd Platoon, C-Company, 6th/31st, 9th Infantry 1968-1969

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Θέμα : 28/12/2012
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Διαστάσεις : 9.00 x 6.00 x 0.23 in
ISBN-10 : 9781481864428
ASIN : 1481864424
The Pictures selected are forty-four years old. These are the ones that survived many moves and even a house fire! I have restored them the best I could. They are the best quality possible. 152 Pictures War is not constant blood and guts. For those looking for such, they will not find it here. This book is more to show the humane aspect of a very difficult situation that as very young people, men and women were thrust into. Once there, most of us decided to make the most of it. Not that we didn’t face many days and nights in fierce combat. It’s just that I didn’t stop firing my weapon to take pictures. Too busy trying to stay among the living. The liberal media at the time of the Vietnam War would have everyone believe that we were nothing more than blood thirsty thugs, baby killers, rapists and murderers. This could not be further from the truth as these pictures will try to show. I served in 3rd platoon, Charlie Company, 6th of the 31st, 9th Infantry Division from October 1968 through August 1969…
Sgt. Jim Akers
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Πληροφορίες για τη Συντάκτρια

Jim Akers is a disabled combat Vietnam Veteran, with PTSD… Awarded two Bronze Stars, Four Air Medals, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Commendation Medal, Expert-M-60 Machine Gun, Marksman-M-16 Rifle, Expert-45 Cal. Pistol… In 1979 Jim became a Professional Photographer and is now retired. He wasn’t a pro during the time these pictures were made. It was sort of OJT…

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