Paul Hare - Fokker Fodder

Fokker Fodder

Жанр : Історія

Питання : 14/01/2013
Редактор :
Видавець : Fonthill Media
Формат : Тверда палітурка
Сторінок : 160
Мова : в
Розміри : 9.21 x 6.14 x 0.71 in
Номер ISBN-10 : 9781781550656
АСИН : 1781550654
This is the full story of the aeroplane that formed the backbone of the Royal Flying Corps during World War I. This is the first comprehensive history of the Fokker Fodder and includes many previously unpublished photographs.
Paul Hare - Fokker Fodder

Про автора

PAUL R. HARE has made a lifelong study of early aviation with particular emphasis on the Royal Aircraft Factory at Farnborough and, in addition to writing books and articles, have lectured on the topic to numerous organisations both in England and the USA. Hare has been involved, at director level, with several aeroplane museums and, as a leading authority on the subject, have acted as technical advisor on a number of restoration projects.
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