FV180 саперный Трактор

FV180 саперный Трактор

ЗемљаВелика британија
ТипСтручњак водоземци оклопна
ФотографијаВладимир Якубов
НаћиВојне Технологије Темељ Брода
ОписАлбум 122 фотографије шетњу око "FV180 саперный Трактор"

Фото галерија FV180 саперный Трактор, The FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor or C.E.T. is an amphibious specialist armoured vehicle of the British Army and has been in general service since 1976. A tracked, lightly armoured vehicle, with amphibious capability, the CET is used by Royal Engineers in ground preparation for bridge construction and towing activities in the front line of battle, such as digging vehicle fighting pits, constructing earthen barriers, repairing roads, recovery of disabled vehicles from water and other obstacles, preparing riverbanks for vehicle crossings and clearing obstacles.

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Wait, Searching FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor photos for you…
Wait, Searching FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor for you…

ТипБорбених оклопних инжењерских машина
Тежина17.5 tonnes
Дужина7.54 m
Ширина2.94 m
Висина2.67 m
Радни опсег480 km
Брзина56 km/h
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