Carden Loyd Medium Machine Gun Carrier

Carden Loyd tankette

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The Carden Loyd tankettes were a series of British tankettes of the period between the World Wars, the most successful of which was the Mark VI, the only version built in significant numbers. It became a classic tankette design worldwide, was licence-built by several countries and became the basis of several designs produced in various countries.

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The Carden Loyd tankette was a British invention of the interwar period that revolutionized the concept of light armored vehicles. It was designed by Sir John Carden and Vivian Loyd, who founded a company to produce tractors and later military vehicles. The most successful model was the Mark VI, which had a two-man crew, a machine gun and a Ford Model T engine. It was fast, agile and versatile, and could be used for reconnaissance, infantry support or towing guns. The Mark VI tankette was exported to many countries and influenced the development of similar vehicles in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Japan and Germany.

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