Monty's Humber Snipe Staff Car - Airfix A05360


ТипМодел Комплет

Монти’особље Хамбер Снипе аутомобила

Модел бренда Airfix комплет : Monty’s Humber Snipe Staff Car – Airfix A05360.

General Montgomery famously travelled in his Humber Snipe 4×2 Four-Seat Open Tourer, both in the North African campaigns and also those of Western Europe after the D-Day landings. This kit comes with the famous General dressed in his well known battledress and beret, along with his dedicated driver.

Извор: Монти’с Хамбер Снипе особље возило на батаљону

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Monty's Humber Snipe Staff Car - Airfix A05360
Хамбер запослених Шљука ауто Монти – A05360 батаљону
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  • エアフィックス 1/32 05360
  • エアフィックスA05360
  • エアフィックス モンティー
  • エアフィックス モンティ
  • エアフィックス ハンバー
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  • Montys Staff Car
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  • ハンバースナイプ

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