Трубач 05791-Zerstorer Z-37


Ref 05791

German Zerstorer Z-37 1943

Комплект от бренда Trumpeter комплект: «German Zerstorer Z-37 1943 – Trumpeter 05791».

Характеристики : -slide-molded upper hull and lower hull -Deck w/fine detail -Either waterline or full-hull version can be assembled -Phote Etched parts for mast, stand etc.

Z-37 belonging to the 1936A the MOB type, Displacement: 3691 tons ,Length: 127 meters, wide: 12.0 m, draft: 4.62 m, 332. Container: 150mmL/48 C/36 gun 5 37mmL/83 C/30 guns 4, 6 20mmMG L/65 C/30 guns, 533mm torpedo 8, 60 mines, depth charges and four transmitter . Construction of a total of 7, respectively, Z-31, Z-32, Z-33 ,Z-34, Z-37 ,Z-38, Z-39. Basically the same equipment and the 1936A-type appearance, the main difference lies in the increased chimney cap after the bridge, the bridge after the crane to move to starboard on the bridge, the radar below the appearance subject to change, as well as the location bow anti Langban, rely on before.

Источник: Zerstorer Z-37 on Trumpeter

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Трубач 05791-Zerstorer Z-37
Немецкий Zerstorer Z-37 1943-Трубач 05791
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