B-24J Liberator-Revell 5629


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B-24J Liberator

A model of the brand Revell комплект: B-24J Liberator – Revell 5629.

The 8th Air Force took advantage of the B-24’s bigger bomb loads while fighting against Germany. The 15th Air Force employed them to hit hard-to-reach targets near the Mediterranean. Kit features full interior detail with a bomb bay and bomb rack, a ground transport tractor, crew figures and decals for two versions: 1. “Kentucky Belle,” B-24J, 44-40268, 706th Bombardment Squadron, 446th Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force, based at Bungay, Suffolk, England and 2. “Patches,” B-24J, 42-51978, 756th Bombardment Squadron, 459th Bombardment Group, 15th Air Force, Giulia Field, Cerignola, Italy, 1944.

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B-24J Liberator-Revell 5629
B-24J Liberator-Revell 5629
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