Universal Carrier 1936–48 - NEW VANGUARD 110

Osprey Publishing

СерияНовый Авангард
номер ISBN9781841768137
АвторДэвид Флетчер
ИллюстраторTony Bryan

Книга с автографом: Osprey Publishing the «Universal Carrier 1936–48 – NEW VANGUARD 110» .

Этот Универсальный Носитель was a fast, lightly armed vehicle developed by the British Army to carry infantry across ground defended by small-arms fire, specifically the Bren light machine gun, hence the name ‘Bren Gun Carrier’. This name would stick with the Universal Carrier and all of its future variants. This book details the Carrier, which was employed in a number of roles including carrying ammunition and towing anti-aircraft guns and trailers. All Allies used the Universal Carrier extensively during practically every World War II campaign. By the war’s end, the Universal Carrier had proved itself to be an invaluable and successful cross-country vehicle that was both agile and fast for its time.

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Universal Carrier 1936–48 - NEW VANGUARD 110
Universal Carrier 1936–48 – NEW VANGUARD 110
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