Sherman Firefly-новый авангард 141

Osprey Publishing

СерияНовый Авангард
номер ISBN9781846032776
АвторДэвид Флетчер
ИллюстраторTony Bryan

Книга из г. Osprey Publishing the book «Sherman Firefly – NEW VANGUARD 141» .


The most powerfully gunned tank fielded by the Allies during World War II was the Sherman Firefly. An ordinary American-built Sherman modified by the British, the Firefly had the firepower that could finally match the awesome German tanks that had dominated Europe. David Fletcher examines the controversy that dogged the Firefly and the psychological boost the tank provided to Allied forces. Exploring its successes and failures on the battlefield and providing a realistic assessment of the tank’s worth, this is essential reading for anyone wanting to know the facts about a tank variant that quickly developed its own mythology.

Источник: Osprey Publishing

Sherman Firefly-новый авангард 141
Sherman Firefly-новый авангард 141
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